Our Roadmap

Technology and Product Development Horizon

Core Application

Our product roadmap helps us share what we’re working on and the direction we’re taking. This helps us have an open and practical dialogue with stakeholders and customers about their requirements and needs, without disclosing sensitive information.


Code Integrity

Add signatures to installers for Linux and Docker to achieve parity with signed Windows binaries.

Improved Governance

Improvements to endpoint de-provisioning processes and enhancements to organisational policy controls.


Improvements to product documentation.


Organisational Accounts

Allow users to merge individual accounts under a single organisational account.

Mission Control

Improvements to our "single pane of glass" display and operational awareness capabilities.


Platform Support

Extend existing platform support to include mobile, tablet and MacOS devices.

Portal API

Secure API access to account management, system inventory and auditing data.

Proxy Support

Add support for authenticated SOCKS5 proxies.

Embedded Dependencies

Single package installation and tighter dependency control for certain Linux distributions to achieve parity with in single binary Windows builds.

Self Host

Self-host version of the Enclave Portal, deployed on-customer owned and operated hardware running behind the corporate firewall.

IPv6 Support

Add support for operating the Enclave Network Fabric on top of IPv6 network stacks.