ZeroTrust security and DevOps automation for your network

What if your computer systems and critical assets could be invisible to attackers?

What if you could reduce the time, cost and complexity of building secure networks?

Prevent attacks — before they start.

Attackers are constantly aiming cyber-weapons at your organisation’s digital footprint. Enclave allows you to safely connect users, applications, critical infrastructure and partners together, regardless of device, location and network without creating a footprint that attackers can discover, profile or target.

Enclave places powerful discovery-resistant “cloaking” around your networks and the applications living inside, rendering them undiscoverable, and protected from electronic observation and targeted cyber-attack.

Save time and radically simplify the network.

Creating secure connections between different IT environments, partners, and your supply chain can take days, often weeks to set up. Specialists need to plan, design, security test, and make risky changes to your network for integrations that might only be needed for short periods of time.

Enclave is different. It works without changes to the underlying network, which means you can deploy private, invisible networks in minutes. Then, when a project or task ends, the network is simply terminated.

Connectivity made easy.

Organisations worldwide spend millions of hours reconfiguring their networks to meet changing business requirements. This doesn't differentiate from their competitors, but it does slow them down by introducing operational risk, potential security vulnerabilities and legacy configuration to manage.

Enclave gives you secure connectivity, independent of the underlying network, and one system to connect any application - across any infrastructure.

Connect any system, anywhere.

For progressive organisations moving towards the Cloud, it’s vital to avoid creating infrastructure dependencies on a single service provider.

The ability to leverage a multi-cloud infrastructure is key to the future success of enterprise IT, but today the process of building secure multi-cloud architectures is complex, tedious, and error prone — and it doesn’t have to be like that.

Enclave is a new kind of zero-trust networking technology that connects systems quickly, and safely; no matter where they’re located.

On-demand Stealth Networks.

Directly connected, automatically encrypted, zero-trust and software defined.

Connect Quickly

Deployable in seconds, an Enclave network is "on-when-you-need-it", and then terminated when your project ends.

Prevent Attacks

Enclave connects authorised systems together, even when they're behind mutually closed firewalls. This is how we "cloak" your network so you can’t be discovered, targeted, or attacked.

Simplify Security

When systems are connected by Enclave, data encryption is end-to-end, applied automatically, and mutually authenticated with perfect forward secrecy.

Ready to give it a try? Deploy a secure, directly connected network in under 60 seconds.