Secure Private Network Access

Enclave helps you easily build safe, secure and private network connectivity for your business without the hassle of configuring firewalls and VPNs, or needing to manage IP addresses, subnets, ACLs, NAT, routing tables, certificates and secret keys.

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Without the VPN.

Effortlessly connect and micro-segment your infrastructure without ever needing to think about network configuration or look at a firewall.

Enclave builds one-to-one connections and cloaks your applications with invisible network access gates, which only materialise when certain trust standards are met, protecting you from discovery, targeting and attack.

Even when firewalls, VMs, or containers are in between, it just works. Connect staff, contractors, partners, supply chains and production systems across on-premises, hybrid, cloud and SaaS resources safely and without complexity.

Identity-centric Contextual Access

Authenticate access to network resources using identity, not IP addresses and access control lists.

By constantly re-examining the profile and security posture of connected systems, Enclave dynamically adapts network entitlements according to policy and real-time endpoint conditions.

Dynamically create peer-to-peer connections between users and the resources they need to access based on endpoint security profile and user identity — before granting access, or exposing the resource.

Network Automation and Self Service

As developers and operations teams break down silos and innovate faster, the ancient networks modern business still rely on quickly become the new bottleneck, acting as a drag on productivity and challenging transformation programmes.

By automating the deployment of private networks and connectivity, Enclave removes the operational and security limitations that come with VPN, allowing organisations to arm their DevOps teams to implement security and connectivity at the same speed they're writing code and deploying to cloud.

Software-Defined Perimeter

Enclave's Zero Trust Software-Defined Perimeter architecture allows you build connectivity without ACLs or open ports, keeping firewalls closed. Without listening ports, visible IP addresses or DNS records, your infrastructure goes dark to attackers.

Need-to-know connectivity only links resources together after authentication and authorisation has taken place, so systems are protected from electronic observation and targeted cyber-attack.

Build your own private Black Cloud with the ability to control, monitor, reconfigure and revoke network access anywhere in the world, in real-time.

Ready to try Enclave? Learn how to deploy a secure, directly connected & private networks in under 60 seconds.

Agile, secure networking
For the DevOps era.

The missing piece of your DevOps strategy: we're not here to build a better network. We're here to get the network out of your way.

Provision connectivity inside secure network Enclaves across any runtime platform and public or private cloud — pockets of end-to-end encrypted resources, communicating directly with each other, all isolated from unsecured networks.

Dynamic by nature, resources in the cloud are continuously created, decommissioned and terminated. Where traditional security tools cannot keep pace, Enclave enables the world's largest organisations to transition from manual processes and ITIL access management to automation and DevOps & deliver applications faster than ever before.

Your network is a cost centre,
A tax on productivity.

Today the process of building, managing and segmenting a secure network architecture is complex, tedious, error-prone and requires specialist skills.

Engineers are forced to spend enormous volumes of time and effort reconfiguring applications, core networks, switches, firewalls and routers to meet changing business requirements. Activities which don't help differentiate from the competition, but do slow you down by introducing complexity, operational risk, potential security vulnerabilities and legacy configuration to manage.

Enclave networks are software-defined and endpoint-based, eliminating the need for hardware (and associated management) allowing you to scale connectivity with ease, independently of your existing underlying network - with a single pane of glass to safely manage and connect your business networks.

Any application. Any infrastructure. Any network. Anywhere.

Build your own Black Cloud &
Darken your network.

Knowledge of other participants in a Black Cloud architecture is provided on a need-to-know basis with security enforced through the separation of the control and data channels. All participants must successfully authenticate with the Enclave Fabric Controller using digital certificates to join the network.

Only with mutual consent from a requesting system and its counterpart will the Fabric Controller will make an introduction, facilitating a direct and encrypted connection, in real-time, between consenting participants.

Before the Fabric Controller makes an introduction, no participant has knowledge of any other, and has no ability to communicate. After an introduction, both parties mutually authenticate each other using their digital certificates and if successful, access is granted. There’s no getting around this system.

Unleash your network with Enclave.