Connect any application, across any infrastructure, in seconds and discover the advantages with a 30 day free trial.

Pricing that scales with you, no matter your size.

From individuals to enterprise, every network can benefit from Enclave. Pick a plan that fits your needs.


per device/ per month

Sold in packs of 10 devices

Quickly build secure self-managed networks.

Great for safely connecting small ad-hoc teams, individuals and mini-projects.

Team Most Popular

per device/ per month

Sold in packs of 20 devices

Includes everything Core

Also includes Fabric Controller. Sits within your organisations to enable centralised management and deployment of enclave networks.


Includes everything in Team with additional features for Enterprise such as first-class support and SLAs, single sign-on, role-based access control, security auditing, reporting and change management.

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Core Edition
Team Edition
Enterprise Edition
Smaller projects, teams, individual use, and ad-hoc connectivity.

Connecting over 50 devices? Contact us for discounted pricing.

Discounts are available to students, universities, startups and registered non-profits. Contact us at [email protected] to apply.

Centrally managed, for mission critical workloads at medium to large organisations.

Connecting over 200 devices? Contact us for discounted pricing.

Business edition with priority support, and enterprise-grade features.

Connecting over 500 devices? Contact us for discounted pricing.

Billed Monthly

Billed Monthly, or Annually

Billed Annually

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is automatically applied using Curve25519 for ephemeral key exchange and perfect forward secrecy, and ED25519 for message signing with AES256-GCM and ChaCha20/Poly1305 for data encryption.

Enclave operates under the principle of Trust on Frist Use (TOFU) backed by certificates. Our service acts as a point of introduction which will never hold, or witness or interact with your private key material.

We are incapable of decrypting traffic exchanged inside an Enclave network.

Authenticate then Connect security

Authenticate then Connect (AtC) security wraps discovery-resistant “cloaking” around your networks and the applications living inside.

Mutual Authentication

All secure connections established by Enclave require mutual authentication. Without it, no connections can be made, which prevents malicious parties from discovering, targeting or tampering with Enclave networks.

Network segmentation, and isolation

Enclave creates dedicated virtual networks for each connection, allowing operators to easily micro-segment, and isolate critical systems from one another, regardless of the underlying network.

Identity-based access control lists

Powerful access control lists enforce policy using certificate-based identities, rather than IP addresses, which can change. Requires Fabric Controller.

Access to connectivity audit logs

Access to a full audit log of all connections established by any system in your account. Requires Fabric Controller.

Rapid, zero-configuration setup

Deploy secure, directly connected networks anywhere in the world, in under 60 seconds. Without needing to change the underlying network.

Multicast Traffic Support

Many cloud providers disable support for multicast traffic on their networks because it's considered too chatty, and hard to manage. Enclave provides a safe way to re-enable mutlicast traffic support on any network.

Layer 2 Broadcast Domain

Enclave operates at layer 2, creating a virtual local area network (LAN) between connected parties, avoiding the complexity of layer 3 subnets and routing, while enabling support non-routable and broadcast traffic.

Fabric Connector bandwidth

Systems running Enclave attempt to establish direct, peer-to-peer connections using UDP and TCP hole-punching. Some types of network address translation (NAT) prevent this. In the event that a direct connection is not possible, a traffic relay service (called the Fabric Connector) can provide a safe, zero-knowledge pathway for communication to take place.

There are no bandwidth restrictions in place for paid subscriptions, however, a fair use policy applies, but Fabric Connector throughput is restricted to 192Kb/sec per connection during trial and evaluation periods.

Unmetered throughput.
Unmetered throughput.
Unmetered throughput.
Fabric Connector Self-host

Customers on the Business and Enterprise plans may opt to self-host Fabric Connectors on their own infrastructure, using their own bandwidth. Requires Fabric Controller.

Uptime Service Level Agreement

Our five-nine's service uptime guarantee equates to less than 5.26 minutes (that's up to 26 seconds per month of downtime) of unplanned downtime a year, and is backed by a reimbursement SLA.

No SLA offered
99.999% uptime guarantee, with reimbursement SLA.
99.999% uptime guarantee, with reimbursement SLA.
API Orchestration

A rich REST API enables custom integrations and automation with the Enclave fabric.

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Fabric Controller

The Fabric Controller is a self-hosted single pane of glass that orchestrates centralised management of your entire estate.

Automated backups

Automatically backup the configuration of your network topologies.

Link availability monitoring, and alerting

Integrate monitoring of system and link availability with alerting and notifications to reliability engineers.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

RADIUS, LDAP and Active Directory integration with the Fabric Controller.

Fabric Controller High Availability

High availability active/active deployment of the Fabric Controller for critical workloads.

Port Mirroring

Requires Fabric Controller. Full packet body, or just metadata can be exported to mirror ports for auditing and compliance.

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Connection health and activity reports

Requires Fabric Controller. In-depth reporting into system usage, connections and peering. Provides a single pane of glass health display for the whole network.

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Product updates

Security and feature upgrades are available to all customers.

Ticket response time SLA

Commercial support with defined response times.

Best effort response time, and community support.
2 day response time SLA.
2 hour response time SLA. 24/7/365 enterprise-grade phone, email, and chat support.
Break/fix support

Access to our engineering support teams who to provide remote, or on-site assistance.

Contribute to development roadmap

Ability to contribute to, and co-develop our product roadmap.

Proactive issue detection, diagnosis & troubleshooting

Dedicated account manager

Named solutions engineer

Architecture and deployment advice.

Rigorous KYC on boarding checks

Optional know-your-customer on boarding checks to ensure safe inter-organisational communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I choose?

Enclave has segmented pricing plans based on business size from professionals to enterprises with each plan fine-tuned for its target customers. Choose a plan best suited for your business size for better features and value.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or wire transfer.

What am I buying?

Enclave is a Network as a Service product. Purchasing Enclave entitles you to use the software according to your licence; it also ensures you have the latest bug fixes, feature and usability enhancements, performance improvements and security patches

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are net zero.

Is this a subscription or perpetual license?

Enclave is a subscription license renewed on a monthly or annual basis. Renewing your subscription is highly recommended though; it ensures you have the latest bug fixes, feature and usability enhancements, performance improvements and security patches.

I have a purchase order, or need a quote

You can create a quote or submit a purchase order by choosing the Quote or Purchase Order options during checkout. You can also optionally forward a copy of your purchase order to our sales team.

Is there a trial available?

Enclave offers a 30 day free trial. The trial plan is restricted to 10 connected devices, but it still provides enough features to learn and test without time limits.

What is a connected device?

One device is counted as a single instance of an operating system, container or TCP/IP stack implementation. A connected device is one such system that is running Enclave.

I want to use Enclave for personal use, or in an open source project

You may use Enclave for personal use providing you have a valid subscription. If you're building an open source project, your users will need a valid subscription.

Can I buy through a reseller?

Yes, we're happy to work with any reseller. And if you need suggestions for a reseller near you, please get in touch.

Is there special pricing available for students and non-profits?

Yes. We offer discounts to students, universities, startups and non-profits. Please send an email to [email protected] to apply using your educational or business email address.

I have more questions not answered here

We're happy to answer your questions. Please contact our sales team either by telephone or send us an email to [email protected].